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November 16, 2005 / Kate

Let’s see how the ads react to this entry

I am currently sitting in the library, “studying” on one of the “quiet” floors.

The following is written in varying degrees of appalling handwriting on my icky, germ ridden study table:

“American chicks blubber boobs”

“American chicks with heavy boobs rock!”

“Eskimo chicks with cold boobs”

“Russian chicks with tight boobs”

“Canadian chicks with furry boobs”

“Asian chicks with fake bobs (sic) rule!”

“I am so glad I don’t attend this low intelligence university”

“Ignorant people are a waste of DNA. You should know”

“No, YOU should know.”

Ahh, what a delightful Smorgasbord.



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  1. Annika Raaen / Nov 16 2005 7:33 pm

    forget the books, desk graffitti was the best reading whilst at the library during my studies. ahh! the memories!

  2. vasisthadas / Nov 16 2005 9:09 pm

    It’s like a panoply of good taste. I’m so glad I don’t go to a low intelligence university.

  3. kitri / Nov 17 2005 2:22 pm

    My favorite thing that I’ve read on a desk was simply, “Welcome to my hell.” I read that right before starting a final on the entire Old Testament. That comment pretty much summed up my feelings about the test. I’m so glad I went to a high intelligence university.

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