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November 12, 2005 / Kate


Who needs ‘Frisco anyway?



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  1. Annika Raaen / Nov 12 2005 1:27 pm

    That’s just vile. It’s so over the top what can you say about it? I know the government revokes funding from time to time because some institution or another won’t do what the governments wants…but if the people of the city voted to ban military recruiters…how would the government rationalize revoking any funding?
    I wonder if O’Reilly has ever been to Iraq? I wonder what he’s done to “support the troops” besides spewing over his viewers on a regular basis?
    What a tard.
    That’s my coupla cents.

  2. vasisthadas / Nov 13 2005 6:27 am

    Sadly, the “to hell with San Francisco” mentality is pretty common in this neck of the country. I’ve heard more than a few people express wishes that California would just break off and sink into the Pacific.

  3. jessenicholas / Nov 13 2005 8:08 pm

    Well. California is known for a FEW good things. IB. The Tin Fish. Nathan Renfree. Ummmm. Oh and Hollywood.

  4. Kate / Nov 13 2005 9:10 pm

    And AHNOLD

  5. jessenicholas / Nov 13 2005 11:07 pm

    Oh and Pinot.

  6. Kate / Nov 21 2005 9:36 pm

    And huge tracks o land

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