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October 2, 2005 / Kate

oh, I dont know

“What is that quivering lump in the corner?” People keep asking when they enter our house. “Oh, that’s Katy. She’s overwhelmed with life” replies Jess casually.

I did uncurl my body from the fetal position long enough to go see John Vanderslice on Friday night. If someone were to put a gun to my head and ask me to describe his stage presence in three words, I would have to say, “giggly school girl”. He’s all excited and giddy and happy to be playing a show for you. Which makes you enjoy the show because you feel like you are doing him a favor. His music is good too, but that is almost beside the point.

I enjoy going to shows mostly for the people watching. There are a few select categories that show-goers fall into, and it is interesting to see who its gonna be.

There’s always at least one Whatever White People* moment, in which a white man or woman suddenly feels that the music is speaking to him or her and starts an interpretive dance/tribute to the band. Limbs akimbo, they are unaware of how silly they look (or maybe they are very aware, and like the attention). There is usually a lot of twirling involved.

Then there is the head bobber. A person who’s entire body is motionless except for his or her head. I fall into this category quite often, I admit.

There are others like the Exhibitionist Couple, the Just Turned 21, I’m so Excited I’m in a Bar, What is This Band Called Again? girl or guy, etc.

I just got really, really tired. I have to sleep now and then read lots of chapters from lots of textbooks.

*If you haven’t seen MST3K Girl in Gold Boots and watched the scene where the black men are drumming and the white people are dancing like idiots and the black men shake their heads and say “whatever white people”, then you really haven’t lived.



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  1. vasisthadas / Oct 2 2005 8:31 pm

    I want to be Critter when I grow up.

  2. Katy / Oct 3 2005 8:55 pm

    who is this Critter of which you speak?

  3. Annika Raaen / Oct 4 2005 11:01 am

    critter! the guy from ‘gold boots!’ the nice one who sang like a girl.–>

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