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September 10, 2005 / Kate

Titles are for people with jobs

Oh yes. I am back. I am glad that I hurried back to Portland in order to sit on my ASS. All day. Long.

I actually feel bad about it because I could be helping with disaster relief if a ticket over there didnt cost 900 bucks. So I am forced to fritter away entire days eating organic pop tarts and watching bad movies with Gena. Today’s feature presentation was Ron Bergundy. It was a stinker. But we followed it up with a more paletable SATC episode.

Today started out with me calling Gena and demanding that she come over forthwith and consume a breakfast of bacon with me. She is a good friend. She was here in ten minutes. We ate a lotta bacon. That was it. Dr Atkins would be proud.

O GAD. I have nothing to BLAHG about. Now that my life is a series of endless days filled with nothing to do, there is nothing to write about. Good thing school starts in 2 weeks. Oh GOD. TWO FUCKING WEEKS OF MORE NOTHING. I shouldnt be complaining.

I am sitting here with Gen trying to think up anything interesting to say. She suggested I talk about how dumb I am. I thought maybe you would be interested in the color of my shirt. Its red, and we are sitting on the RED COUCH! And if Gena squints her eyes just so, it looks like my head is FLOATING!!!

I babysat a kid last night. She was cute. We were playing the Name That Body Part game and I pointed to my eye brows. She said, “Ow Breyes!” Oh, and I laughed.


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