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September 1, 2005 / Kate

And the heat! My God, the Heat!

Did you guys know that this is wine country? Well, it is. I spent the better part of this afternoon at Frey Vineyards, tasting through their wines and exploring the whole vineyard and winery. There were dogs everywhere and wine and springwater and half-naked hippies. It was a good time. Those people know how to party.

I think I lost about ten pounds in sweat today alone. I might return to Portland having lost half of myself in water weight.

In other news, Keith was jumping around this morning in attempts to clear what he thought was water out of his ears (from our swimming adventure yesterday), and instead dislodged a huge spider from his ear. He then ran, yelling from the bathroom with the spider trapped in his coffee cup to show me. Ahh, ranch life. Hopefully it didn’t hatch any eggs, or we might have a Charlotte’s Web situation coming from inside his head.



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  1. vasisthadas / Sep 2 2005 8:10 am

    Spider in the ear.

    That is the most amazing thing I’ve ever heard in my entire life.

  2. Bronwen / Sep 4 2005 6:29 am

    How is California? Also, what is the exact kind of coffee preferred in the Jess and Katy (+1) household?

  3. Teeeka / Sep 4 2005 8:33 am

    Batdorf and Bronson.

    California is hot and full of wine. And very nice.

  4. Bronwen / Sep 5 2005 11:59 am

    I know it’s Batdorf and Bronson, but which one? Or do you alternate? We ordered the Mexico Organic (I think) to try one out. Because it said it tasted ‘chocolatey’. Mmmm.

  5. Teeeka / Sep 5 2005 4:02 pm

    Oh, we switch them around, but I like the Dancing Goats.

  6. Jess / Sep 5 2005 5:46 pm

    The French Roast is nice. Last winter they had the Holiday blend, which was Toni’s favorite. Mexico is good, too.–>

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