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August 4, 2005 / Kate

6-8 black men

Oh dear lord. Can someone turn the lights down? I keep forgetting where I am. I got barely four hours of sleep last night. I had to leave the house at 6:45. It hurts.

Last night was Tyler’s bachelor party. I’m a girl. I’m not supposed to participate in these sorts of things. I ended up being way more involved than I thought I would be.

Their plan was to go wine tasting all day and then go clubbing all night. I guess they never really worked out what to do between the wine and the clubs, so they decided to come over to my house. Drunk. And lie moaning on the lawn.

It became clear that they needed to eat something, so they elected to go to the grocery store down the street and bring back food to grill. They all stumbled over there, not really understanding exactly what was going on and apparently walked around the store for a while, confused, calling each other and asking,
“wait, what are we doing here again?”
“where are you guys?”
“I’m in the dairy aisle”
“who all is here?”
“why are we doing this?”

They finally returned, each clutching an item such as a bunch of asparagus, or a package of tofu riblets, 2 sausages, or a massive amount of chicken.

We fired up the grill, and cooked them some food. Then they sat around, chewing, napping, half-heartedly wrestling.

I had planned to go out with some friends, and got ready to head out. Keith called a cab to get his friends downtown for some club action. They had 7 guys. He told the cab company this, and asked if this was okay since the largest cab holds six people.
“You can lie to me” the cabbie said.
“I can’t do that” Keith said.
“Just lie to me”
“I can’t”

his went on for a while and then they decided to just send a cab anyway, and as I was pulling out of the driveway, the guys crawled into the cab, ready for their night on the town. Just before they left, Keith said, “keep your phone on, I might need you to come pick me up”

I went out with my friends, we had a nice time over bottle of wine.

Keith called and asked that I come get him. “Some of the other guys might need a ride too”

I had Jess with me, so that left 3 seats available in my car. I asked Bronwen if she was willing to follow me downtown and give the rest of the guys a ride. She agreed.

We drove downtown, Keith calling every minute or so to say,
“we’re on 3rd and Stark, no, 4th and Stark. I can’t keep everyone together. Guys! Where are you going??”

A muffled “….salsa dancing”

I finally find them. Well, half of them, and we pile in both cars.

So much more happened, but this post is getting too long.

Jess, you fill in the rest on your blog. All I remember is Steve leaving the house for a while and then reappearing with 5 bottles of Sessions in a cardboard Sierra Navada six pack holder. And a cat. There was a HUGE cat wandering around the house. Maybe I dreamed that part.

All I know is that I awoke this morning to find the front door flung wide open and two fully clothed guys passed out in the living room. The cat was nowhere to be found.

I’m going to take a nap under my desk.

And yes, I have pictures. And I will be posting them later on today.


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