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August 2, 2005 / Kate


As a result of yesterday’s musings, I dreamed that I unexpectedly adopted twins. It was an unplanned adoption, caught me by surprise. Keith and I had to have a shotgun wedding.

Anyway, as soon as I got them in my arms I started freaking out about not being prepared. Nevermind diapers, carseats or figuring out how to feed them, I needed to get me a Maya Wrap.

I went lugging the babies all over town looking for one. Then I realized that I had twins. How do you wear twins? How am I going to be an attached parent with twins???

Speaking of twins, I was just reminded that as a child I was friends with twins that lived on my block named named Harmony and Melody. They were bad, bad girls. Harmony would impersonate Melody and do something horrible at school. Then Melody would get in trouble at home. It got so bad that their parents would just punish them both all the time because they were tired of trying to figure out who was the real culprit. They had like 12 other kids to keep from breathing fire in the house and drowning younger siblings in the pool. Heh heh, Mormons.

It was always thrilling to go over to their house and witness the madness.


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  1. Jess / Aug 2 2005 9:04 am

    I love dreams like that.–>

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