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July 21, 2005 / Kate

The lamb was good, Alias was good.

Each day, I wake up and realize I have to go to work. I get to my desk, fire up my computer, and die a little inside.

Good thing I only have three more weeks! HA! Then I will be unemployed! HA! That’s scary! Scary but fun!

I have to write a report every day detailing what I do with myself. No, I am not on probation, all of us have to do it.

I have to write things like,

Thursday, July 21st

Team meeting
Opened new client file
Translated “X” document
Lunch meeting with “X”
Chart reviews
Case management for “X” client
Home visit for “X” client

I only write down the things that I do that are relevant. If I really wrote down all that I did, the list would be much different:

Thursday, July 21st
Fired up computer
Died a little inside
Team meeting
Doodled in planner
Translated “X” document
Filled up water bottle 6 times
Lunch meeting with “X”
Chart reviews
Wept silently at my desk
Case management for “X” client
Called coworker from across the room and made weird noises into the phone
Drank water
Made tea
Searched for a snack
Found some dried mangos
Lotioned elbows
Opened new file
Shut down my computer
Ran out the door and all the way home


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