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July 20, 2005 / Kate

Cuz I gots da keeds

Oh shit, now I have to think of something witty for all the Spinster Linkers

Three more agonizing weeks of work and then I am free to lie around the house, sweating in my underdrawers for a whole month and a half! Oh the joy! I won’t have anything to do until school starts.

Keith and I will be taking a pilgrimage back to paradise during part of that time.

Other than that, I will be reading, gardening, knitting and writing long and deeply philosophical letters to my World Vision girl from Nicaragua. Her name is Katty. I picked her two years ago because she basically has the same name as me. She’s ten and is the best letter writer ever. Her last letter was tinged with a hint of self esteem issues as she asked repeatedly whether or not I was proud of her. I guess I need to be more affirming in my letters to her.
I actually want to go visit her some day. I think it would be nice to see where she lives and make sure that World Vision is really helping her out.



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  1. LuckySpinster / Jul 20 2005 7:18 pm

    awww, you’re a global big sister kind of person. that rocks!

    we should totally start a blog happening and get all the cool spinsters to be big sister/spinsters.

    yeah, you bettah be posting all witty, yo. 😉

  2. tyKa / Jul 20 2005 7:37 pm

    Yeah! That’s a great idea!
    I wish I could send her more than flat packages. She can only use so many coloring books and stickers.

  3. Annika Raaen / Jul 21 2005 2:06 pm

    katy, are you a spinster? i thought only single people could be spinsters. what is the definition of spinster in this case.

    cuz…i wanna be one. 🙂 i’ve got the cat thing going…and the black clothes…

  4. tyKa / Jul 21 2005 4:06 pm

    I dunno, ask the Spinster.

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