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July 8, 2005 / Kate

OCD Driver

So I have a crazy work schedule and it is different every day. This causes me to look up at the clock and panic every half hour or so while at work, freaking out that I am supposed to be somewhere.

Yesterday I got off at 12:30.

At 12:58, I looked up at the clock and choked on the Luna bar that I was enjoying. My class started in 2 minutes.

I shut down the computer, put everything away and dashed out the door. I dodged through traffic and ran to the bus stop. Then I waited for the bus. There was a Tri-met employee sitting next to me waiting too. I thought, “shit. He’s going to relieve the next bus driver”

The changing of shifts always takes some time. They have to chat with one another and adjust the seats and fiddle with the buttons.

I got on and sat down.

The new driver walked slowly onto the bus and stood there, looking at us for a while over his sunglasses. He then turned and put his bag on the seat. He started fumbling around in the bag, looking for something, and pulled out some paper towels and Windex. He then proceeded to scrub down the entire front of the bus. Including the little money taker thing. He even scrubbed the seat and the inside of the front windows.

My class has now started 18 minutes ago. I silently freak out. The other passengers look at each other incredulously.

The driver then carefully lays out paper towels on the seat and sits on top of them. He then proceeds to do the normal seat/seatbelt adjustments.

He eases into traffic.

As soon as we got to my stop, I burst out of the doors and ran across campus, up 4 flights of stairs, down the hall and into class. I was all sweaty and out of breath and now 35 minutes late.

I plunked down in the only available seat and the Guatemalan guy who sits next to me leaned over and said, “You are now on de, uh, shit list, no?”




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  1. jessenicholas / Jul 8 2005 1:10 pm

    Damned bus drivers. Anyway, how the heck did I make it to the top of your links list? sweet.

  2. tyKa / Jul 8 2005 2:06 pm

    So it looks fancy. Uh, I mean, because you are #1!

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