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July 2, 2005 / Kate

Waldorf Woes

As you all know, I was a Waldorf child. My toys were wooden blocks, cloth dolls without faces, wooden trestles, silks, felt crowns, and pretty much anything made out of wood or cloth. No plastic.

Cabbage Patch dolls were extremely popular when I was a child, and most of my non-Waldorf friends had them. I had a neighbor that was one of those only children that is given a queen sized canopy bed at the age of two and has a room filled with all of the most popular toys. Her queen sized canopy bed was completely covered with Cabbage Patch dolls, with a few stuffed animals thrown in the mix.

I was SO jealous. I would go over to her house and drool over them as she made us some cookies in her Easy Bake oven, or rode around in her little five year old’s Jeep. That was another thing that I ached to own. A little pint sized car. I wanted one of those much more than a Cabbage Patch doll.

I received a scooter one year and I pretended that it was a car. I would pull up to the imaginary pick up window at the imaginary fast food restaurant and order what I imagined people ordered at fast food restaurants.

Its funny how Waldorf kids end up playing with the toys that their parents won’t let them own and acting out what everyone else does in real life. Even though I felt deprived then, I am greatful for the way I was brought up and plan to raise my own children the same way.


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  1. toni / Jul 3 2005 10:34 am

    i remember begging and pleading for a cabage patch doll, and my mother explained to my three year old self that it would rob me of my imagination. i also remember friends from the real world coming over and asking, “why doesn’t your doll have a MOUTH?” and i matter of factly told them that we could imagine the doll to have any sort of expression we wanted. no restraints.

    i’m grateful for the way i was raised, even though i often felt deprived growing up.

    it’s getting harder and harder to raise kids that way. sometimes that makes me really sad.

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