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June 26, 2005 / Kate

YAY!! Sore throats!!

We never seem to be able to pull a night off smoothly. We plan on going salsa dancing with a few friends and use up our cell phone batteries agreeing on times and locations. Once we settle on where and when, we discover that there happens to be a classic rock band playing instead of the live salsa music they have normally. We settle on the hip bar down the street and call our straggler friends to warn them of the change of plans.

I had never been to this particular bar. It was a ski lodge sort of feel with a fireplace going and tree stumps for tables and what not. I noticed on the drinks list that they served mint juleps, which I had never had, but had always thought sounded refreshing and cool. I decided to try one. Of course it was not at all what I had imagined and I couldnt drink it. It was kind of, um, nasty. I tried to make Keith take it back for me, but he wouldnt, so I sat there and pouted for a while, trying to get up the courage to go talk to the super busy waitress. She was having to deal with a sleazy customer (who had moments before wrapped his arm around her waist as she took his order) that was telling her as he swayed back and forth in his hawaiian shirt tucked into his shorts, that he didnt appreciate her adjusting her bra strap in public. She took it quite well and brushed him off.

I just couldnt send my drink back, but, at 8 bucks a pop, I couldnt order another one either. Katie finally got fed up and took it back herself, getting me a gin and tonic.

We looked over and the sleazy guy was drunkily imitating to all his friends how the waitress had so rudely adjusted her bra. He kept doing it over and over, grabbing the sides of his hawaiian shirt and wrenching it back and forth, to the amusement of his friends. This pissed us off and we tried to get his attention by adjusting our own bras in an exaggerated manner. He didnt notice. As we left, I gave him a dirty look and he raised his hands in a “what did I do” fashion.

Our straggler friends never showed up, and we went home to bed. And my sore throat is back. No, no, its good, really. I missed it.


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