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June 21, 2005 / Kate

Doc Rock

Even though I am slowly wasting away on my diet of tea and soup, I had to go to class last night because it is the first week of classes and I would have been dropped if I hadnt shown up.

The class was the History of Rock and Roll.

I hauled my wheezy ass all the way up 4 flights of stairs and wandered around the confusingly numbered maze that is Cramer Hall until I found the giant auditorium where my class is held. I only found it because of the loud rock music eminating from it. Now, I’ve been home, in a Fiery Throat Coma for several days and I was shocked by the blasting music, the air-conditioning, the bright lights, the many, many people scrambling for seats. I sat in shock and must have looked very frightened. A girl came up to me and asked me if the seat next to me was free. When I just blinked at her and tried to respond, (all that came out was a sort of bleat) she hurried away.

The music was oh so loud and there was no proffessor in sight. Everyone looked kind of uncomfortable. Some people stared straight ahead with their arms crossed. Some chose to mouth the words to the song (I didnt recognize it) and quietly bob their heads. A guy with a tight yellow polo shirt with the collar turned up was jerking his head from side to side so violently that I was afraid the Oakleys perched on top of his hairsprayed head were going to fly off and impale someone. Another guy (obviously a drummer) was air drumming along. I chose the more dignified route of blowing my nose every 3-4 seconds and making a lot of commotion looking through my bag for the last cough drop. Yes. I was That Person in class last night. The person who refuses to stop moving and searching for stuff in her bag and rustling wrappers and opening and closing her water bottle and blowing her nose and wheezing and coughing and sucking loudly on cough drops. I just couldnt help it.

After everyone was seated, he made his appearance. He was a short man dressed in black jeans, a black tunic-like shirt, very long, shaggy black hair, and black tennis shoes. He kind of jerks when he walks. You can’t quite tell if he is moving to the music, or if he just walks like that. He has his doctorate in something or other. He just looks like a guy you would see in some tired old band playing in a dive bar. Last night I named him Doc Rock.

Anyway, he shuts off the music and starts the class. He’s a laid back guy who says “cool” a lot. I rolled my eyes when he first entered the room, but I think that I am going to like him. He is actually pretty strict while being laid back. I hate it when teachers let their classes walk all over them. He has tough rules like, if you miss a class, you automatically fail.

It’s a four hour class and its all lecture. That’s brutal. But I think I am going to enjoy it.


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