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June 20, 2005 / Kate

America we stand as won

I’ve completely lost my voice. Now I have to write everything down or use a series of complicated hand signals. It’s pretty frustrating. I decided to try to use my feeble voice to call in sick today at work. I am the one who records the outgoing message in English and Spanish at work. So I had to listen to my nice, clear voice on the machine before I squeaked my pathetic, feeble message.

I could barely say anything at all. I basically hacked and coughed and squeaked a little and tried to say my name. Hopefully they figured out who it was.

I start the summer session today and I really hope that my class tonight is not one of those “Let’s hear from everyone, your opinion counts” classes. I can’t handle that. I can sit there in a stupor, pretending to pay attention to a lecture, but I wouldnt be able to participate.


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