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June 10, 2005 / Kate


I have been feeling generally ill of late. Lots of things make me sick to my stomach. Like beads. Not all beads, just some. Especially the polka dotted ones. The act of making earrings makes me slightly ill too. And thinking about them.

I think that it really might be nerves, though. I think that I am nervous about them selling. Maybe once I sell a few, then I wont want to barf every time I think about earrings.

Gardening doesn’t make me ill. Maybe I should do that more often. My worms don’t make me ill.

In other news, mangos are the new grapefruit in my life. I am now obsessed with mangos. I even have mango lotion and body wash and conditioner. I tend to do things to the extreme

Jess says I live most of my life that way. Like I turn the volume of the TV up really high. Or I make 30 pairs of earrings in one sitting, or I spend waay too much money on plants for the garden. Or buy mango flavored/scented everything.

I guess I get that from my mother. She is a pretty extreme person. Her extremeness is more about her attitude and the way she relates to others. My dad tends to be more extreme about projects and interests, though, so maybe I get it from him. He will get interested in pottery and take classes and learn all he can about it and make his own kiln. Then he’ll move on to motorcycles or parasailing (that one was a disaster) or cooking.

I guess it is good to be interested in a variety of things and get a range of experiences. It makes life more interesting.



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  1. jessenicholas / Jun 10 2005 11:08 am

    i vividly remember some chocolate fetish. not just the typical “i’m a girl i like chocolate” thing. but like some certain chocolate. ok so maybe it aint so vivid after all.

  2. Kate / Jun 10 2005 11:26 am

    That would be true if you replaced chocolate with lasagne or adobada or Manzana Lift or paletas or biscuits. I’ve never been crazy about chocolate. I did like Mexican chocolate for a very brief moment, though…

  3. dad / Jun 10 2005 12:08 pm

    I have found my interest in various things has come in handy over the years as well as creating fun memories for me. For instance, this year I have been using that kiln I built to teach classes at a Middle School. I think having a variety of interest enriches us. Im glad you are developing that trait.

  4. theidif / Jun 12 2005 11:07 pm

    thats weird because as a kid, Keith was like that too… he went from comics, to raising cactus plants, to cb radio, to pigeons, to computers…

  5. Kate / Jun 13 2005 8:17 am

    Interesting. He’s back on the pigeon bent now. He keeps saying he wants some. And chickens

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