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June 5, 2005 / Kate

In which we experience personal growth

Its interesting how you plan for something and there is all this momentum and excitement building up to it and then it turns out completely different from how you imagined.

Yesterday was the Starlight Run. Our first ever 5k race. We have been training and looking forward to it for quite some time. We had Maren and Delicia over for a pre-run meal and facial (courtesy of MaryKayMaren) so that we could feel beautiful on the outside while hauling our asses through downtown Portland.

The Starlight Run happens every year before the Starlight Parade. Someone had the genius idea to have it start 30 minutes before the parade started. This means no walking, jogging, or starting late. You have to run. Fast.

We were prepared for this and left the house an hour before the race was to start. We had planned to park and take public transportation near the event, but couldnt find parking, as everyone else had thought of that too. We got nervous about being late, so we drove downtown and Maren dropped us off and went to park since she already had her number.

We got there just in time to grab our number and check our stuff and get to the starting line.

But Jess had to pee. And she couldnt hold it.

I went with the her to the bathroom and the others waited for Maren. Someone kept announcing that the race had started and that we needed to get out there. I stepped outside to wait and noticed them rolling away the starting gate. Jess wasnt even in the bathroom yet.

She finally got done 5 minutes into the race and we booked it to where the starting line had been (the other members of our party had abandoned us). The first half mile was a hill. We didnt train on hills. We somehow made it up, though, realizing that we needed to move in order to catch up with all the other runners.

As Jess and I pumped along, we noticed the whirring sound of a car engine. We looked behind us and there was a cop car following 3 feet behind us. He was following the end of the race. We were the end of the race.

But we found a shortcut and lost the cop and came upon a fair amount of runners. This was along the main parade route where all the people lined the streets in their cushy lawn chairs with drink holders and shouted things like, “You can do it!” with little bits of corn dog spewing forth from their mouths. It was so encouraging. Children begged us to give them high fives as we passed.

Apparently it is customary to wear costumes in this race. There were fairies and cowboys and the cast of Napoleon Dynamight (Napoleon ran in his moon boots) and Jamba Juice bananas and a horse with two people inside. I have no idea how they ran, especially the ass of the horse; all hunched over and blind. I could barely run the whole thing and I was wearing running shoes.

Our favorite costume was Jesus. He even had his cross with him. A huge wooden cross that was bigger than him. It made us contemplate the walk of Jesus up to Golgatha and discuss the distance that he had to walk and the nature of His footwear (Our Starlight Run Jesus cheated and wore his Nikes). Jesus Christ didnt have to run, but the walk was probably longer than a 5k. And it was all up hill.

Even though we had caught up to other runners, we were still in the last third of the race and by the time we crossed the finish line, they had taken down the clock and started packing up the booths. Maren was there to cheer for us, though. She’s good at that.

All in all, it was a worthwhile endeaver, it just kind of started off all frantic and hurried. I am glad we made it to the end.



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  1. dad / Jun 5 2005 10:16 pm

    Good work,Hun.

  2. Kate / Jun 6 2005 9:03 am

    Thanks dad

  3. Peppy / Jun 6 2005 10:09 am

    This was a GREAT run! I’m so proud of us all. We really stuck to our goal – Way To Go Righteous River Runners! Next up…. 5 miles!

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