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May 16, 2005 / Kate

What does v-i-c-t-o-r-y spell?

So those who know me well know that there are a few things in this world that I cannot stand.
1) Cilantro. I hate the taste, I am offended by the smell. Its ugly even though it is green
2) Teddy Bears. They are so pointless and take up space in this world. A stuffed aardvark, okay. A gorrilla, sure. Teddy bear, no.
3) Certain textures such as: cotton balls, foam, velvet, dryer lint, suede, etc.
4) Cute little Hallmarky shit

So last week was “Support Staff Appreciation Day” when they take us all out for lunch and tell us how much they love us. That’s fine, but I would believe you loved me if you had not given me a basket FULL OF ALL THE STUFF I HATE IN THIS WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!

Check it out. A basket lined with a velvety suede cloth. Filled with a teddy bear. A CILANTRO scented candle. A ribbon that says “Great JOB!” A hallmark bag filled with gross candy.

I cant take it anymore. I quit.


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