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May 6, 2005 / Kate

We say ‘no’ to drugs and bouncing bunnies

This young guy came in and tried to sell us a laser pen and a bouncing bunny that sings a song.

“KB Toys is selling this for 25 bucks, but today we’re blowing it up for just 10 bucks”

He proceeded to clear off Melanie’s desk to demonstrate the rabbit’s capabilities. He pressed its paw and it emitted a hellish sound while thumping all over her desk, to her horror.

“You get two songs in one, it plays a longer version if you press it’s other paw”

“Please, dont press the other paw, we dont want to buy it”

I hid behind my computer and typed furiously at nothing, avoiding his question, “so how about this laser pen? Anyone? Oh, rats, the battery is dead.”

We stared at him blankly. None of us knew what to do.

“Well, ya’ll have a great day!”

He tripped out the door and closed it loudly behind him.

For some reason we get the weirdest people wandering into this office. Once we had this guy come in and tell this whole long story about how his mother has to wear diapers and they ran out of their weekly diaper money. But he was fixated on the diaper issue and told us waaay more than we needed to know.

Later we told the director about the incident and she said, “oh yeah, that’s the Diaper Man”
Apparently he is just crazy and has a weird fixation with diapers and periodically wanders into places to talk about them.



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  1. cartoons! / May 6 2005 12:05 pm

    my friend used to work in the juvey section of meier and frank where this guy would call all the time to tell them that he had a poopey diaper and needed them to change it. he would call almost daily.
    i wonder if it’s the same guy?

  2. NWJR / May 6 2005 12:57 pm

    I like bunnies. They hop and stuff.

  3. Kate / May 6 2005 2:38 pm

    Really bunnies are fine. Freak Demon Thumpers invading your desk are never good

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