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April 23, 2005 / Kate

Sausage Glaciers

So you know how I walked to work yesterday? And then I walked home? And it was far?
Well. Today I went for a run with Maren. A big fat scary run for lil’ wimpy ol me. I run around our neighborhood and whatnot, but this was intense.
We ran along the waterfront. Then crossed the river over one of our five downtown bridges. Then we ran more and crossed another bridge to come back. Maren is like a cheerleader. She kept motivating me to keep going as I was heaving and spitting along the way. “You’re a cute runner!” she said. When she told me our plan of crossing that bridge way up there in the distance, I have to admit, I died a little inside. Then when we reached it and she realized that she had mistaken it for the bridge that was a little farther down, I died a little more.
But it turned out okay, because I feel good now on the top half of me. My lungs are thanking me, but my legs are a little miffed. They dont work so good right now. Guess what our plan is for the afternoon? A nice long hike.

In other news, I put my cold feet on Teeth’s feet yesterday and he said that they were like little sausage glaciers. Now that would be a good name for a band.



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  1. vasisthadas / Apr 23 2005 3:10 pm

    Tyka and the Sausage Glaciers! THIS Friday and Saturday night at the Ford Center! BE THERE!

    My roommate is perpetually miffed at me for saying “Oh my God! Band name!” How can you tell me that “Funnel Cloud Party” isn’t a good band name?

  2. Kate / Apr 23 2005 3:13 pm

    Oh I know. Teeth doesnt realize what a wealth of resources he has access to. I mean, I can do this in my sleep: Buns of Canvas.

  3. jess / Apr 23 2005 7:38 pm

    Wait, those are my pants! Don’t take them for a band!

  4. Kate / Apr 24 2005 8:56 am

    Man I wish I had musical talent

  5. Seeth / Apr 24 2005 9:33 pm


  6. Kate / Apr 25 2005 8:16 am


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