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April 7, 2005 / Kate

Dude, that’s rank

Those of you who have been to school I am sure are all too familiar with this kind of person. The kind of person who believes it is their right and duty to loudly voice their often irrelevant opinions as often as they can during class.
Every class has one, my Women in the Economy is no different. We need a name for this person, (I have talked about this before) Irrelevant Rambler will do for now. This particular one wears only purple and sits in the very front of the class as these types often do. To make sure that we are all paying attention and agreeing with her, she takes it upon herself to turn around and face us whenever she decides to bestow us with her wisdom. She enjoys using words that are either completely made up, or are inappropriately placed, such as, “supposably” or “irregardless” or “bee-ocrasies”
She paints on a nice fake mole in an odd place on her cheek and smiles when she passionately delivers phrases like, “Women produce the consumers of tomorrow

Every class also has the group of crispy-tanned gals who sit in the back and drink Diet Lemon-Lime Cherry Vanilla Coke and doodle in their pink notebooks and whisper loudly to one another, “Ooh, cute nails” or “Want one? Its watermelon. No, WATERMELON”

Lucky for me, this class is tolerable not because of the content (its an Econ class. I just can’t make myself care) but because of the instructor. She is British and has the loveliest accent. She makes economics sound like a fairy tale with her Julie Andrews voice. She says things like, “Now, what’s lovely about free markets, anyone?”

So A and I saw A Very Long Engagement last night. It was fantastic! I was also quite impressed by the performance of Jodie Foster who speaks impeccable French! Way to go Jodie. Its nice to see American actors speaking other languages well. Go see it.


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  1. toni / Apr 8 2005 2:19 pm

    annoying classmates. yes, it’s a problem. i have one. he always needs to ask totally irrelevant questions to prove to us (as if we care) that he knows something. unfortunately his SOMETHING never has ANYTHING to do with what we’re talking about, or anything that anyone cares about. what i love is that this program i’m in is pretty small and everyone knows each other pretty well. so things like this happen. i’ll call this annoying student BS (because, actually, those are his real initals). one night class was ending. i mean, it was over. we all wanted to go. it was the end of a long night. the teacher wanted to go too. all of us did. then BS said, “um, i have a question.” and the professor said, “I’m sure you do, BS.” and the whole class cracked up. poor BS. we couldn’t stop laughing, even though it was mean. because it’s just so true. he ALWAYS has a question.

  2. vasisthadas / Apr 10 2005 2:43 pm

    Yes, I like to refer to the first student as “Verbally Incontinent.” My roommate sits next to such an individual named Winslow. We refer to his left ear (which has hearing problems anyway) as his Winslow ear. My favorite experience with this kind of person came when I had not one but two classes with a roundish red-headed psychology major. I’m not sure why we shared two classes. She may have been an English minor. Anyway, the drivel she spilt was nigh to intolerable for her inability to make simple logical connections from the text.

    The crispy tanners are funny more than anything. Because of the strong dance school at my university, we have a large number of gay young men. The crisply tanned young women who cling to them are usually called “Fruit Flies.” I once knew one who was of Cherokee descent and naturally had the most gorgeous dark skin. However, she spent all her free time tanning the shit out of it and applying foundation powder. Sigh. Why do some girls insist on striving for an MRS degree?

  3. Kate / Apr 11 2005 9:32 am

    Dear friends and/or family,
    Thanks for visiting. I enjoy reading your comments. I am glad that I am not alone in my suffering.
    Have a lovely day. And if you find out what is lovely about free markets, let me know

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