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April 2, 2005 / Kate

freaky deaky dutch

Questions for Cuz

1) What do you feed your high horse?

2) What do you want to be if you ever grow up?

3) I’m assuming you are wearing a dress right now. What color is it?

4) What is your favorite meal of the day and why?

5) Did you have to register your hands as deadly weapons?

6) Girls like guys with great skills. You know: computer hacking skills, num chuck skills, etc. Do you possess any skills?


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  1. vasisthadas / Apr 2 2005 9:17 pm

    I’m crossposting here and on my page because they are on two different services.

    1.) Grapes of Wrath

    2.) A grown-up

    3.) Strapless black satin with a little fringe at the bottom

    4.) I like elevenses because it’s like a little snack in the middle of brunch.

    5.) I don’t, but if I ever get tried for beating the crap out of someone, they will be entered as “dangerous weapons.”

    6.) Sadly, I have no skills and therefore no girls. Woe is I.

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