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March 7, 2005 / Kate


In case you were wondering, Downstairs Neighbor apologized to Upstairs Neighbors yesterday and everything is all hunky dory again. He attributed his outburst to:
lack of sleep
the court system (apparently he is trying to get custody of his child)
his ex wife

Nothing much to report here. Feeling a little down to be honest. Issues with meddling, judgemental parent. Does anyone else have this problem? Parents who have no boundaries and feel it is their duty to tell you that you are breaking their heart because you are not living your life exactly as they want? If so, what do you do about it? All lines are open.


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  1. MrIncredible / Mar 7 2005 8:25 pm

    My mom likes to call to tell me how bad my breakup is making HER feel. She even sent me a book by Dr. Phil called Relationship Rescue. It’s currently serving as a door stopper. Sorry for the IE. Dang. There I go apologizing again. I’m gettin good at this.

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