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February 22, 2005 / Kate


Folks, I have this little problem.
When my body needs something, it gets it for itself without consulting me. My body kind of operates on its own agenda. Its like the willful child of distracted parents. This often causes me to find myself running around the neighborhood at top speed when I cant remember ever agreeing to a jog. When my body needs excercise, it gets itself some excercise. This gets complicated when I am in church or at work and suddenly start doing jumping jacks during the great entrance or drop to the floor and start doing pushups while giving a client a UA.
So I usually spend the last few minutes before I fall asleep thinking about what I need to accomplish the next day. The items on my agenda last night were:
1) Wake up, preferably in the AM.
2)Make it to my 8 AM class
3) come home, do laundry, study, clean the house, be productive, etc
Not complicated, folks.
This is what I ended up doing:
1) Woke up at NOON after what I assume was a nasty battle with the alarm clock unbeknownst to me
2) Screamed FUCK to the ceiling after realizing that I missed class again
3) Walked out to the kitchen in my underwear
4) Ate an entire grapefruit
5) Ate an entire bowl of tiramisu leftover from a party we had this weekend
6) Plopped down on the couch to check email. (Discovered I had roughly 4200 from my roommate who happens to live with me and therefore see me on a daily basis. Hi Jess!)

This is not the first time my body has done this to me. I have missed some very important appointments and such because my body took it upon itself to get in that extra 6 hours of sleep it was needing. I have telephone conversations in my sleep in which I make important decisions. I feel so left out.


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  1. jess / Feb 22 2005 3:36 pm

    4200…sheesh. Maybe 10. I had a feeling you were still in bed when I left this morning…

  2. Steve / Feb 23 2005 9:18 am

    You have fat hands!

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